Some new changes and updates are in the works to help you manage your sound packs, set them up for other radios that use similar methods to say things (like Jeti), among other things like assembling called maneuver lists.

The base sound pack will always be freely available.

A few people have generously asked to donate to the project and help keep the fun coming, so a button for that is below. The new software of this site will be account based so that you can store and manage configurations (there are literally hundreds of files in the sound pack, we need a nicer way to manage just what we want! (scrolling the full list of sounds on the Tx is a true pain in the butt)). Whatever is decided for those features, donations made before then will automagically get an account.

For added appreciation, for every $10, we will be in touch to have a custom sound recorded for your personal sound pack (like your own name, or the name of your favorite model, etc). If you're a super-fan and after a bulk discount, send email to "km <at>" and we can haggle :)

Note: these personal sounds will be recorded when the new sound pack is recorded.

( If you google "Amber sound pack", you'll quickly see that they were made
   by "theKM" on RCGroups, which corresponds with the ""
   email address you'll see on the PayPal screen )